International Center of Excellence on High Performance Building

As of September 12th 2019, Green Building Alliance (GBA) has signed an official agreement launching Greater Pittsburgh’s International Center of Excellence on High Performance Buildings.

GBA at the UN

Formalizing GBA’s quarter century of leadership in building innovation and design, Pittsburgh will join New York City’s Building Energy Exchange in a global network of sustainability experts. The other inaugural Centers include Vancouver and Ireland, with other Centers in development across eastern and central Europe and the globe.? As part of UNECE’s high performance buildings initiative, the Centers will distill best practices in design, construction, training, and policy into scalable solutions, catalyzing economies based on human health and equitable opportunity.

Pittsburgh’s International Center will be a collaboration among regional partners, including Allegheny County, the City of Pittsburgh, and the Allegheny Conference. Building on the success of GBA’s Pittsburgh 2030 District, the largest in the world, the Center will unite Western Pennsylvania’s most influential developers, business leaders, and policymakers to dramatically advance sustainable solutions. Stay tuned as we update on our forthcoming strategic steps.

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