About Green Building Alliance

Green Building Alliance (GBA) advances innovation in the built environment by empowering people to create environmentally, economically, and socially vibrant places. Founded in 1993, GBA is an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization — and one of the oldest regional green building organizations in the United States. GBA proudly serves Pittsburgh and the 26 counties of Western Pennsylvania, with stakeholders across the Mid-Atlantic, United States, and the world.


GBA effects change by working at different scales of the built environment. People remain our primary lever of action, but our interventions range from individual products and materials to whole buildings and citywide systems. Each level of operation provides an opportunity for improvement, and we accelerate impact by increasing the scope of our engagement.


  1. We believe that the built environment can create a higher quality of life for everyone.
  2. We recognize that true sustainability balances environment, economics, and equity across generations.
  3. We accept that not all places can be regenerative, but every scale of the built environment can improve.
  4. We strive to bring optimism, persistence, and compassion to all that we do.
  5. We understand that our success is only as great as the success of our peers.
  6. We believe that one individual can provoke change, and one change can provoke transformation.
  7. We meet stakeholders where they are, working together to find their unique door to sustainability.
  8. We affirm that positive change takes time, and can be contagious.
  9. We reinforce that process is important and should be integrative.
  10. We set ambitious goals but ground action in data and evidence.


GBA has forged a green building movement one quarter century strong, and our initiatives continue to strengthen our collective ecosystem. We engage changemakers across diverse sectors, connecting government, design, and construction to transform the market forces driving building decisions.??Our 2018-2020 Strategic Plan?sharpens our focus on education and third party certification, while exploring innovative community-scale sustainability interventions. We continue to align building performance with human health and well being, and redouble our advocacy for healthy building standards for all at the city and state level.

BRANCHESGBA branches pittsburgh erie

Green Building Alliance provides educational &? networking events, project & technical assistance, and policy support throughout Western Pennsylvania! ?While we partner across the U.S. and internationally, our 3 branches focus on Western Pennsylvania: Greater Pittsburgh, Northwest Pennsylvania, and the Laurel Highlands. ?Check out these?Western PA statistics?and our directory of?regional LEED projects?to see how we’re all doing!

Greater Pittsburgh:

Serving as Green Building Alliance’s headquarters, Pittsburgh has a large network of green building professionals, students, educators, and community members.? Our core staff are located here, providing support across Western Pennsylvania and setting an example with our LEED Platinum office as we work to further the entire region’s leadership in healthy and high performing place. ?

Northwest Pennsylvania:

This branch is led by GBA’s NWPA Director Guy McUmber and fueled by partnerships throughout the area.? Exciting events and educational opportunities are available in and near the NWPA Branch’s core area in Erie.? Contact Guy to learn more!

Laurel Highlands:

Guided by the efforts of dedicated volunteers, a committee of local citizens helps this branch educate and increase green building awareness in and around the city of Johnstown.

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